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 Le Doge était le premier magistrat et le dirigeant de la République de Venise (“La Sérénissime”) depuis plus de mille ans. Les Doges de Venise étaient élus à vie par l’aristocratie de la cité-État. Afin de célébrer la gloire de Venise, au cours des premières années du XVI siècle, le Doge ordonna la construction d’un Bucentaure (bâtiment de parade).

Dans le jeu The Doge Ship, chaque joueur est un Constructeur en Chef des plus importants chantiers navals de Venise. Il travaille au service du Doge et coopère avec les autres joueurs à la construction du nouveau navire du Doge. Les joueurs essayeront de gagner les faveurs et l’approbation du Doge, et le meilleur sera le vainqueur.

 Venezia, five centuries ago. In order to celebrate the glory of Venezia, the Doge, the maximum authority of the Republic, ordered the construction of a new state ship.

In the game, the players play the role of the most skilled shipbuilders of Venezia who are called by the Doge to cooperate on the construction of the new ship. Each player has to build parts of the Ship in order to earn victory points, but also Gondolas to get money, and Barriers for the protection of the shipyard and the city.

The task is not easy: at the beginning of each round, the cost of the actions might change, as well as the demands of the Doge. When the construction of the ship is finished, only one will be the winner and will gain the favour of the Doge.

The Doge Ship is a strategic game by Stefania Niccolini and Marco Canetta.

In this game, the players co-operate to the construction of the Doge Ship, a Galley of great importance. As the Doge is the King of Venice, the players need to make sure that the work they do meets his needs. To do that, they have to complete his specific requests, whilst at the same time economically managing their shipyard.

Players compete for performing different actions: they can work on a part of the Doge Ship to gain victory points, Gondolas to make money, Intrigues to gain the Doge's approval, or make Barriers to protect Venice (and their

shipyard) from flooding.

The action costs change each turn and players have to manage their investment and their available money. The game ends when the Doge Ship is completed.

The Doge Ship is a strategic Euro game for 2-5 players ages 13+. A game lasts about 90 minutes (shorter with less players). The box is a Multilanguage version (Italian, German, English, French).



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The Doge Ship

The Doge Ship

Neuf (sous blister)

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