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Con l'acquisto di questo prodotto è possibile raccogliere fino a 3 Punti fedeltà. Il totale del tuo carrello 3 points può essere convertito in un buono di 0.60 CHF.

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Le jeu est en anglais, la règle en français est disponible. Vous la recevrez avec votre jeu . (peut être joué sans connaissance de la langue anglaise)

 At the turn of the 20th century, the seven Great European Powers engage in an intricate struggle for supremacy. Military forces invade and withdraw, shifting borders and altering empires with subtle maneuvers and daring gambits.

Form alliances and unhatch your traitorous plots as you negotiate and outwit—in a delicate balance of cooperation and competition—to gain dominance of the continent! In Diplomacy, your success hinges not on the luck of the dice, but your cunning and cleverness.

The 50th Anniversary Edition of Diplomacy contains:

30" x 20" Game Board

20 count strategy map pad

315 army, navy, and national control markers

24 page rulebook






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Neuf (sous blister)

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