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Le jeu est en anglais, la règle en français est disponible. Vous la recevrez avec votre jeu .

 Players oversee the governance of rival city-states in Olympus, a deeply strategic board game of civilization-building for 3-5 players. Each contestant attempts to grow a bustling metropolis, safeguard its people, and guide their worship. To become the ruling power of the Peloponnesus and achieve victory, you will require the favor of the gods and goddesses of Olympus. Seek their favors to grow your crops, inspire your engineers, and rally your soldiers to military conquest.

Olympus features dynamic game play driven solely by player decisions. Multiple paths may lead to victory, but wise leaders will always keep a wary eye toward their rivals’ developments. Unlike many similar games, Olympus offers rich opportunity and reward for player interaction. Can you lead your city-state to greatness? Rise to glory in ancient Greece with Olympus!

Key Selling Points

• A deeply strategic game of civilization building in ancient Greece

• Absence of random elements means you win by skill alone

• Find your way to victory through multiple paths

• React to other players’ strategies with dynamic player interaction

• High-quality components, with over 100 tokens and nearly 200 cards


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