Prenez en main une des principales compagnies d’import-export du New York de 1842 et faites fructifier au mieux votre commerce tout en dépendant une partie de vos gains au profit de la ville, si vous voulez avoir la plus grande renommée et le gain de la partie…

  New York 1842 – The docks along South Street bustle with activity. Packet ships are constantly arriving and departing. There are so many packet ships waiting along the docks, that the area has become known as the “Packet Row”. 

Each player represents a trading company, trying to make as much profit as possible on the trans-Atlantic trade. However, having a lot of cash is not enough to win this game. You must spend your money for the benefit of the city at the right time to gain as many victory points as possible. 

* The new game from the succesful designers couple Ase en Henrik Berg (Rattus, Rattus Cartus, Oregon, Galapagos) 

* Unique card and action selectionmechanism 

* Clear and simple gamerules: quick entry for new players 

* Marvelous artwork from Michael Menzel