Blister with:

  • 1x INTEL (Knife)

“Omnia Audax” (Audacious in everything) Motto of the operatives from the Stavka’s Intelligence Department.

In times before the re-contact with the Sphere, the Stavka did not need an Intelligence Department. The only external enemy was the Antipodes, and the Ariadnan Joint Command managed all information gained about these creatures from patrols and exploratory missions. In addition, each of the four nations forming Ariadna had its own agency; in the multi-regional power game of Ariadna, the main task of these departments was to spy on their neighbors. But with the arrival of the powers of the Sphere in the Dawn system, the situation changed radically. The Commercial Conflicts proved the need for an agency under direct command of the Stavka. The external enemies had multiplied and any one of them was more powerful and had better resources than Ariadna dared imagine. That is the reason why the Intelligence Department of the Stavka started to recruit all the promising operatives found amongst the Ariadnan forces, no matter their nation of origin, as the enemy was a common one. When a soldier proves his tactical capacity and talent for subterfuge, he is claimed by the Department, becoming an Intel, an Intelligence operative of a special type. Working in secret for the Ariadnan three-colored flag, Intels will do anything to protect their nation from any enemy. And on a planet that’s one big savage frontier, where quick and expeditious decisions are the ones that keep you alive, the expression “anything” acquires a special meaning.

WARNING: Infinity Spec-Ops have no troop profile in the Army Lists, however they are the perfect proxies to be used in Infinity official tournaments of the ITS.

Infinity Spec-Ops have been created to be used by applying the Experience Rules of the Infinity Campaign System (ICS) you will find in the “Infinity. Campaign: Paradiso” book. Customize your trooper, improving it thanks to the experience acquired in the missions you play. A new and entertaining way to engage with Infinity. Don’t miss it!